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“…made a massive difference to the pain and swelling I’d experienced for nearly six months. My GP was lost as to how they could help me. After the 1st session I knew immediately I was on the road to recovery.” Marjory F, Graves End, 01/4/15

“My surgeon was amazed at my recovery from breast surgery after my course of Lymph Drainage Massage with Lorraine. He said that people often have to have laser treatment to have that level of recovery.” Mrs E, Sussex, 17/4/14

“I met Lorraine initially the Big Friday Market at Copthorne and, after a taster treatment, I booked a course of 15 Lymph Drainage Massages with Lorraine in order to help me with my lifelong fluid retention.

I am extremely pleased with the result. Not only have my ankles reduced in size but I also have lost inches from my legs and tummy. The massage itself is very relaxing and enjoyable,  and Lorraine is a true professional.” L Jacques Goodacre 2/10/12

What is Lymph?

The lymph plays an important part in the immune defence of the body; when we are sickening for something our glands are swell up and become sore. These are our lymph glands fighting infection. The lymph (that flows parallel to our veins) also helps clear away toxins like heavy metals, mucus and plays a part in inflammation and tissue repair. So you can see how important a clear flowing lymph system is to your health and the lymphatic system cannot work well if you are stressed.

So what is Lymph Drainage massage?

Gentle, rhythmic pumping movements are performed on the lymph glands situated in the chest, neck, abdomen, thighs and other articulations of the body. This helps to remove toxins from the lymphatic system and to help release any blockages present.

How Might Lymph Drainage Massage help?

Cellulite, sluggish and poor digestion, excess fluid, stress, exhaustion,  breathing disorders and sore breasts are among the conditions that may benefit from regular sessions of Lymph Drainage Massage.

What other benefits are there to this kind of massage?

It is very relaxing and gives you lots of energy. With regular treatments, it also improves skin tone, even that of the face, like a face lift; very pleasant, de – stressing and non – surgical!

How many sessions will I need?

How many treatments needed is often a very individual matter and it depends on why you are coming for treatment and on your body’s response. It really is best to talk this over with me personally. It is, however, usually beneficial for all to come weekly for at least 6-8 sessions. Some people may need to come more frequently and others less.

How much will it cost?

£42.50 – £63 per session depending on length of session which varies according to the individual need of the client. This can be from 40 minutes to 75 minutes. Initial consultation fee £10. Mobile visits £10 extra within 10 mile radius.

Discounted courses of treatments are available.

After my last Lymph Drainage Massage treatment I felt really nice and invigorated. This feeling lasted the whole week  Andrea H, East Grinstead, 10th October 2011