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28 years experience and success.

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I can warmly recommend Lorraine, I have received a couple massages and it’s been the perfect mix of healing and relaxation. I have always suffered with my neck and Lorraine is one of the only therapists I’ve seen who actually managed to get in deep and release the tension and release the headaches I suffer from. Thank you Lorraine 🙏🏼

Deep tissue massage · Professional masseuses · Amazing results
July 2019
I reached out to Lorraine after searching for Manual Lymphatic Drainage providers in my area after my surgery. Fortunately for me Lorraine was quick to respond to my query and provided home visits. I have definitely found the treatments beneficial to my recovery and would recommend to anyone looking for something similar!

I have been so impressed with Lorraine’s reflexology. I had digestion problems, and had a procedure at hospital, then tablets to take. Eating was uncomfortable. After the first session with Lorraine I noticed an improvement, my throat was feeling better. I have had 10 treatments now, she has helped me so much, eating is enjoyable again now!! I like how friendly and calm she is, as i was nervous the first time I went to her. Additionally, I have had a sore hip for some time, the reflexology has helped my joint pain also ! Wonderful. Tracy Vosper 08/08/19
Cheryl Banks recommends Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology.
29 March

Lorraine worked with me during hormone treatment and during my pregnancy. I couldn’t recommend enough, she offers fantastic treatments and a wonderful service. The Reflexology and massages certainly made a huge difference to how well my pregnancy with twins went.

Five stars!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Alana Membry recommends Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology. Facebook review
25 June
After looking into different fertility treatments, I came across Lorraine’s website as i was recommended reflexology. Lorraine was extremely punctual and professional. I was apprehensive at first but after meeting Lorraine she put me at ease straight away. Having tried for a baby for nearly four years, I found myself expecting after six weeks of treatments. I am incredibly happy and very thankful for Lorraine’s help and will definitely be recommending her to people in the same situation as me. ☺️

(Marjory comes for Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

Facebook Messenger. 27th October 2017. 3 weeks after the back massages.

Tamasine Wood recommends Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology.
21 May

Lorraine is super! She always does a great job of relaxing me whether it’s reflexology or massage. You can have a series of sessions and have either, which is so great! The oils smell gorgeous and she has such a lovely calm and gentle manner to set you at your ease.  Thanks Lorraine!
I want to try and keep this short, as Lorraine’s reviews are so important. It’s what made me contact her! I found Lorraine after researching Manual Lymphatic drainage massage. 2 weeks later I had an attack of appendicitis! Thank goodness I had Lorraine’s number. I saw her after 1 day of starting antibiotics. She offered me incredibly gentle and nourishing lymphatic support through reflexology so as not to aggravate my already grumbly appendix, and the next day after another hospital check up, I was discharged without needing further assessment, and more importantly, my appendix still very much in place! I feel she did something amazing and I was destined to find her. I’ve now invested in a course and see her regularly for proper MLD, where she has picked up of my spleen and other organs needing support. I find her many gifts come together so she can offer a holistic approach in her treatments and I well trust her intuition and care. So glad I found her �. I would highly recommend �
Alexandra  M 19/02/2019  Facebook review

Facebook recommendation. 27th October 2017

Lizzie Eke reviewed Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology5 star
25 March 2018

Just want to say how amazing Lorraine has been over the last year. I initially came for reflexology treatments after having two miscarriages, heightened anxiety and suffering with PCOS symptoms. After just a few visits I was feeling much calmer and my monthly cycle had returned to 28 days. I also noticed other beneficial factors such as less migraines and back aches. I continued to see Lorraine for reflexology once I found out I was expecting again to support my wellbeing and anxiety through the first trimester. I have recently started another course now in my third trimester and it has made a huge improvement to pains associated with sciatica and pelvic girdle pain. What’s more is I always come away feeling relaxed. I would highly recommend anyone to see Lorraine for many advantageous reasons.
Lis Clark reviewed Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology5 star 24 April

I have just had 4 sessions of lymphatic massage with reflexology, it has worked wonders for my sciatica, digestion and pins and needles in my bottom. I have even stopped taking pain killers at night and still had the best night sleep that I have had in years.I will continue to have a follow up treatment once every 4-6 weeks to keep me fit and pain free.

Victoria Rosslee reviewed Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology5 star 5 July 2017 at 10:17

I have been seeing Lorraine for maternity reflexology since week 33 for a number of reasons. Our weekly sessions have eased my backache, hay fever as well as providing much needed relaxation. The last few weeks we worked on turning the baby to avoid c-section due to breech presentation…I went in today prepared for surgery but baby has flipped and I can now look forward to normal labour & delivery. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Lorraine.

Stacey Westbrook reviewed Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology5 star 22 December 2016

I am 39 weeks pregnant and have a misaligned pelvis so have suffered from many aches and pains. I had one session with Lorraine and walked away with absolutely no aches! I wish I had started reflexology sooner as it would have made the pregnancy a lot more comfortable. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Lorraine.

Kirsty Chapman reviewed Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology5 star 7 July 2016

Had a wonderfully relaxing massage with Lorraine today – she really knows how to focus on the areas causing pain and soothes them away. As a healthcare assistant I suffer with back and leg aches, so will be having regular treatments with Lorraine from now on. Her treatment room is so peaceful I could have stayed for hours!

After trying to conceive for a good few months, I finally booked in to see Lorraine…. and after 3 treatments, I was pregnant! I truly believe seeing Lorraine made all the difference, and I’m looking forward to continuing to see her regularly over the coming months. Thank you so so much!! Emma Godfrey reviewed Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology5 star  29 November 2016 at 20:10  on Facebook

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is so gentle and tender and feels like Lorraine is pressing a valve. It feels so nice. I cannot wait till my next treatment, Tina T, East Grinstead, 19/8/16

I  feel all my stresses ebbing away (during Zone Face Lift Treatment). I feel like I have gone to heaven. The following day after my sessions my skin always feels so much better and looks radiant. I sleep so well afterwards too. Pat Taphouse 21/6/16

Tash Edwards testimonialT Edwards (by text) 06/03/2016

I’m so glad I found Lorraine after searching on google for an expert Lymphatic drainage massage therapist. Lorraine is also very experienced and absolutely amazing at reflexology. I’ve had great results from having had around 6 sessions so far. You can tell that Lorraine has been doing this for 20 years or so, she is a truly intuitive therapist. I can really feel the benefit from my massage and reflexology sessions. I have seen several reflexologists in my life and I can say hands down that Lorraine is the best! I love the way Lorraine can tailor my sessions to include several therapies that I may need that particular day such as.. Indian head massage, lymphatic drainage massage and reflexology all in one session and I feel so grounded and rebalanced afterwards. I went initially to Lorraine for lymphatic drainage massage after my naturopath did a state of the art thermometry analysis on me which identified a few lymph blocks around my chest area which needed clearing. I went back last week to my naturopath who confirmed that they are pretty much cleared now which I am thrilled about. I absolutely love Lorraine’s Indian head massage, it is heavenly. I feel deeply soothed and relaxed after a treatment with Lorraine and I walk out feeling like I am floating on a cloud. I can also really feel the beneficial improvement these sessions are having on my wellbeing during the week after I have had a treatment too. I cannot thank you enough Lorraine you are amazing! I would love to try other therapies that you do in future as you so good at what you do.
Helen Smith, Steyning 12/11/15

Lorraine was fab! She made me feel comfortable and welcome straight away.

I went to Lorraine as me and my husband had been trying to conceive for 6 months with no luck. I read online about reflexology and conception and although in the grand scale of things we hadn’t been trying that long the treatment sounded nice so I went for it. Lorraine came up as closest to me and I am glad she did.

I had treatment once a week every week with the time of the month week being the exception. I noticed after 4 weeks my cycle came on time at 28days, it had been irregular between 30-39 days since coming off contraception. After 6 weeks of treatment I fell pregnant. Unfortunately the pregnancy only lasted 5 weeks. After speaking to my doctor they advised I would be very fertile and there was no need to wait to try again so I went straight back to Lorraine during the first 2 weeks of my next cycle. I haven’t seen Lorraine since as I fell pregnant again I am now 15 weeks.

I would thoroughly recommend Lorraine to anyone whether your trying to conceive or otherwise. I will definitely use her again in the future. Maybe just for some ‘me’ time when the baby is here. I can’t thank Lorraine enough for what she has done for me but most of all for all the little chats we had during treatments that helped me through a difficult time.

Katy J, East Grinstead, 10/11/15

After my first treatment the visible improvement was really impressive. Even in the mirrors that are usually really unforgiving my skin looked a lot better. It felt a lot tighter too. The improvement lasted for at least 2 weeks  (after that I stopped thinking about it). A Randall, South Chailey 08/11/15 (after first Facial Reflexology with Advanced face lift massage)

Thanks so much Lorraine my joints don’t ache and neither do my glands. I am completely taken by reflexologyache free for the first time in ages!! Thanks again.

S Ratcliffe East Grinstead 26/9/15 (after first session of Reflexology and short Lymph Drainage Massage)

Thank you Lorraine – my skin felt amazing- so soft and smooth afterwards and I really do like it.

Ariuna E Crawley 11/05/15 after Facial Reflexology

very relaxing treatment(facial reflexology), feels great during and afterwards……totally zoned out during today’s session….could feel sinuses draining away.…sure Lorraine has magic healing hands.

Mrs Lucy S East Grinstead 21/4/15

I cannot commend Lorraine enough. She made a massive difference to the pain and swelling I’d experienced for nearly six months. My GP was lost as to how they could help me. After the 1st session (of Lymphatic Drainage Massage) I knew immediately I was on the road to recovery. I was very tired and this had been expected as advised as in Lorraine’s after care advice where some people may experience tiredness and pain. Lorraine is not only superb in her treatment, but her personality is amazing. We spoke on the 1st day as if we’d met before. This personal relationship does not get in the way of Lorraine’s professionalism. After 3 weekly sessions I am a new woman, minimum pain and now seeing Lorraine for maintenance. I highly recommend Lorraine. Her payment methods are flexible depending on what’s easy for the client. Lorraine you saved me from what seemed to be a dead end!

Marjory F, Graves End 01/4/2015

Lorraine really helped me when I had intense pain in my shoulder. She was able to relieve the pain by deep tissue massage. I have also had a facial reflexology treatment which was very relaxing and helped clear sinus pain.

Sian W East Grinstead 27/03/2015

Not being a previous believer in Reflexology I rang Lorraine in desperation after trying to fall pregnant for 10 months, before trying more invasive methods of fertility treatment. She was very understanding and came to see me 2 days later. I had 2 sessions that month then finally to my shock I fell pregnant!

Not wanting to jeopardise the baby I was very hesitant to have any further treatment but then started to suffer with severe SPD resulting in chronic pelvic pain from 10 weeks, unable to walk without crutches. Lorraine assured me she could help, which she did, and from then on I had weekly reflexology and back massage throughout my pregnancy. Lorraine made me feel very comfortable and at ease with her extensive experience and caring manner. I have now given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, Wilbur and although my SPD went at delivery, I continue to see  Lorraine for that much needed relaxation and mummy time!
Thank you Lorraine…. Wilbur and I couldn’t have done it without you! Xx.

Anna S, Turner’s Hill, Sussex 07.10.2014

My surgeon was amazed at my recovery from breast surgery after my course of Lymph Drainage Massage with Lorraine. He said that people often have to have laser treatment to have that level of recovery.

Mrs E, Sussex, 17/4/14

I contacted Lorraine after I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, hoping reflexology might help me a little and also for facial massage for dizziness that accompanied the CFS.

After the first treatment of reflexology I felt a huge difference in the fatigue – it must have helped to clear an energy blockage, and definitely made a big difference. This continued throughout all the treatments I had, and I also continued to have amazing facial, head and neck massages including a lava shell treatment which was simply amazing and so relaxing!

Lorraine has a lovely lovely aura and has a huge wealth of knowledge encompassing all areas of complimentary therapies; she is therefore a perfect person to help anyone who has not found answers within conventional medicine. Her prices are ridiculously low for the quality of treatment and she is absolutely one in a million!

Louise Harrison 5th March 2014

 Lava shell massage was great. Totally relaxing and all stiffness gone. Thank you. V Chilman 17/2/14

I felt very relaxed after your session and it definitely helped ease the pain in my back.

Melanie A. Lingfield, 27/01/2014.  After a reflexology session. 35 weeks pregnant.

 Thanks for the wonderful treatment on Saturday Lorraine, it was just what I needed! You’re the best de-stresser I know. 

Anne F, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex 3/12/13

I am very grateful ! Neck and shoulders feel like new ones !!!

Painters Cleaners East Grinstead (Facebook) 25/09/13

An experienced professional – worth a lot more than what she charges !!!!

S Granger, East Grinstead, 25/09/13

Several times in the last 20 years I have had a health crisis. Each time the Universe was ready to let me get well, it was via Lorraine’s wonderful reflexology treatments. She even came to hospital to give them. Also, during the menopause, I had successful treatment from her for hot flushes. I can’t recommend her treatments highly enough. Peg HP. Forest Row, 1/7/13

By the end of my course of 7 lovely (Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage) treatments with Lorraine, I had heard from others first thatthe skin on my face was looking clearer and later that I had lost weight from my face. Looking closely at what the change actually was, I saw that now the jawline was clear and the skin that had as if been hanging from my jaw was now hardly doing so at all. I had received a gentle face-lift in a series of wonderfully relaxing sessions! All ready for my son’s wedding!

Peg HP, Aged 69, 1st July 2013

I recently visited Lorraine because I have been struggling with an old neck injury which was setting off very bad headaches. After only a short session my neck is much better and the headaches have stopped, Lorraine is someone who knows what she is doing and talking about. She takes a very thorough approach to her work and her experience shines through, I would have no hesitation in recommending Lorraine for her work as the results are very easy to see.”
Service Category: Reflexology
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Mark W, East Grinstead, 05/04/2103 via LinkedIn

Hi Lorraine, Just wanted to let you know that Sunday was a turn around point for the pain in my arm and shoulder. The muscles in the top of my back felt so much looser, and I have actually had some sleep  been able to do some housework!

I visited the osteopath again yesterday and she was also happy as she could actually get to the bits she couldn’t reach last time!

I’m hoping this is the end of it all now, I’m not going to push it too far this week, but will carry on gently and hopefully be back to ‘normal’ by next week!

thank you again xx  Karen Churchill, Merstham, Surrey, 23/01/13 (after a deep tissue back massage)

Massage was superb -felt so much better, especially after the “miracle of the feet”* 🙂 Was such an excellent stress relief and slept well after.  Look forward to booking again soon.

J Williams East Grinstead by text 22/11/12 (* J never had let anybody touch her feet before and was amazed that she was so relaxed at the end of her aromatherapy treatment that it didn’t bother her at all!)

 Lorraine truly has magic fingers! Her treatments are extremely powerful and affective. The oils and products she makes are wonderful. Whenever I visit Lorraine for a treatment I leave feeling a different person. I would highly recommend her.”

A Perry, East Grinstead, 14/11/12 via LinkedIn

 Reflexology is lovely; it feels as though I’m walking on bubbles afterwards

. Anne Blackburn, Copthorne, Sussex 5/10/12

I met Lorraine initially the Big Friday Market at Copthorne and, after a taster treatment, I booked a course of 15 Lymph Drainage Massages with Lorraine in order to help me with my lifelong fluid retention.

I am extremely pleased with the result. Not only have my ankles reduced in size but I also have lost inches from my legs and tummy. The massage itself is very relaxing and enjoyable,  and Lorraine is a true professional.

L Jacques Goodacre 2/10/12

I felt like I was going into euphoria. My whole body felt really relaxed and light.”

Maria S. East Grinstead. 02/08/2012 after her first Reflexology treatment with Lorraine

 After my last Lymph Drainage Massage treatment I felt really nice and invigorated. This feeling lasted the whole week

Andrea H, East Grinstead, 10th October 2011

My shoulder problem has gone now so thanks to your amazing skills.

D Evans Copthorne 22/6/12 (This was a long term problem helped over around 6 treatments)

 I have received wonderful treatments from Lorraine for years, they are totally amazing . Now my whole family are addicted to Lorraine’s treatments!! Perfect & Thanks a million for all you have helped me with Lorraine. x

Tanya P, Copthorne, February 2012

 Lorraine has helped me greatly with controlling stress that exacerbates my chronic shoulder condition. She is an expert in her field and certainly I have found that her reflexology combined with aromatherapy is a powerful combination to reduce pain and leave me feeling very relaxed. Anyone considering Lorraine’s services for the first time should have no expectations other than feeling better, more relaxed and looking forward to seeing her again. I can’t wait for my next appointment.

Derek Evans, Copthorne January 15, 2012

 Thanks Lorraine for my wonderful treatment you have just given me! I had the best ever Reflexology with Back, neck & shoulder massage  combination treatment. Even better than The Ragdale Hall Massages!!!!!!! BEST EVER , THANKS AGAIN xx

T. Pearman. Copthorne 09/12/2011

Hi Lorraine, I soooooo enjoyed my session today. Thanks for giving me so much time. I couldn’t believe I had been with you for two hours when I drove away. Would love to come back for more. ”

Hazel H, Horsted Keynes 20/09/11

 I had a course of reflexology with Lorraine some ten years ago when suffering from anxiety and hormonal imbalance. When similar symptoms re-occurred earlier this year, I remembered how much she had helped me previously and got in touch with Lorraine again. I am currently enjoying weekly sessions of reflexology and reiki which are helping me cope much better with the stresses of daily life. Reflexology has a profound balancing effect on the mind and body and I could feel the benefits after just a couple of sessions. In addition, Lorraine is skilled at providing a relaxing environment and takes a genuine interest in her clients’ wellbeing. I am so impressed that I am now looking into reflexology training myself! 

Julie B, Groombridge 20/09/2011

 My right knee gave me substantial pain a few years ago and I used a competent physiotherapist to help recovery. My left knee has suffered a lower amount of pain across the summer, I suspect as a reaction to how I get out of my car, and also in particular, following prescribed physiotherapy which involved doing squats to improve receptors in my legs to assist a balance problem.
Your massage last week took away the deeper pain and also left both legs feeling more relaxed and that improvement, (with a little common sense on my part) has continued with a reduced pain level and the suggestion that there is an element of appropriate healing…time will tell…but I am coming back for another session!

J H East Grinstead 13/09/11

Lorraine is an excellent reflexologist and I would thoroughly recommend her

Kate B, Copthorne via LinkedIn 25th August 2011

Lorraine provided me with a course of Lymph Massages which helped me a great deal. Lorraine always ensured there was enough time to provide the treatment without the need to rush due to the ‘next’ client waiting. I would highly recommend Lorraine.

G Lloyd via LinkedIn August 2011

Lorraine gave me a reflexology treatment when I was very unwell, suffering from hepatitis. She found that I had painful spots in the reflex areas of my pituitary gland & lymphatic system. I felt very relaxed and was able to cope with the following days very well. I was even able to go to the ballet the following day. I didn’t discover I had hepatitis until the following week when I had a blood test. Great Results, Personable, Good Value.

Monica Varney via LinkedIn August 27th 2011

Lorraine is a very knowledgeable therapist, she is a very relaxed and confident and this is reflected in her work.

G Glover East Grinstead July 13, 2011 via LinkedIn

I’ve turned to Lorraine a few times, always in times when I’ve either had an injury like a bad back or am just rather stressed and I need bringing back to equilibrium. She always delivers and I trust and recommend her highly.

Graham S East Grinstead 13th July 2011 via LinkedIn

Going to Lorraine for a ‘pamper’ treatment is always wonderful and great for feeling good. Her professional, easy manner makes the treatment relaxing and enjoyable. 

Ann Chassagnard East Grinstead December 11th 2010

Lorraine’s Reflexology and Massage treatments are of a very high standard and really work well. Her years of experience are reflected in her treatments. Her products are of the same high standard.

C Jerrom East Grinstead  7 Dec 2010

I have been having regular aromatherapy and reflexology treatments with Lorraine for more than 16 years. She takes time and care over sourcing her oils to ensure they are of the best quality. Lorraine provides an excellent service, tailoring her treatments to individual needs. I have no hesitation in recommended her service.

J Dean East Grinstead 10 Dec 2009

When I feel quirky, I look forward to my Reflexology treatment to help me regain my equilibrium. I feel much more stable and balanced since I started my treatments in March .

Janice P.  10/06/10

Hey Lorraine, just wanted to say a genuine ‘thank you’ again for the incredible aromatherapy massage you gave me. It had been an exceptionally stressful week when I saw you, and the shift in me after receiving such a blissful, serene and healing treatment was profound. I have had sessions with other practitioners before, and in all honesty, nothing has come close. Thank you so much!

Marc F 29/11/09

I feel as if I have a new neck and I am 3 inches taller!

KM Lingfield 15/10/09 (after a back, neck and shoulder Aromatherapy Massage)

The reflexology treatment was so very relaxing:- It felt as if I was soaking in a lovely hot bath with aromatic oils. The hour went by so quickly

Christine J, East Grinstead 03/09/09)

Lorraine provided reflexology and aromatherapy foot massage at my wedding.  We provided a room which she converted beautifully into a quiet space with candles and warmth to give a cosy feel to a large space.  The service was wonderful especially for tired, dancing feet and the price was very competitive.  I am an aromatherapist and so am very picky when it comes to massage and I would recommend her to everyone.  It made my day very special.

Emma B 9th June 09

Best massage I have ever had!

Kate K Horley May 30th 09

When my husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year I started to research ways of boosting my fertility.  After reading a lot of positive comments regarding reflexology and increased fertility I decided to contact Lorraine.  After just 7 sessions I was delighted to discover I was pregnant.  I now have a gorgeous and healthy 7 week old baby boy.

Victoria. East Grinstead. 14th April 2009

Thanks for your hard work on Friday morning…I had a wonderfully relaxed day…and night!

Every best wish  Julian 22/03/09

Hi Lorraine,  Been meaning to let you know how wonderfully relaxed I felt after my massage last Monday. Really hit the spot – thank you   Love   Jill 22/03/09

May I say how grateful I am for your last session.  As you know, I had this chest infection that is going round, with a deep cough that was painful and tight.  Even during the reflexology session I could feel the tightness easing, and after I returned home, my whole chest relaxed.  Although still coughing, the change meant that I could experience that I am now on the mend, rather than getting worse.

Thank you so much.  I have started using the aromatherapy oils as well.  I look forward to seeing you soon. Love,  Kirsteen.    January 2009

First class understanding and treatment of my severe back/neck pain using aromatherapy massage. Unreserved recommendation.

JAH 26/09/2008

I can’t wait for my Reflexology treatments. They are my relaxation and pain relief.

Kathy Wornham. Horley. 26/09/2008

Hi Lorraine, I Just wanted to drop you a line to say how grateful I am for all you have done for me. As you know I have a history of back trouble and as in recent years this has gotten much worse and I now have arthritic joints which cause much pain. Your Aromatherapy Massages have helped me no end. They have enabled me to have a better quality of life.

The first time I came to your house, as you know, I had a particularly bad muscle spasm in my back and by the time I had left it had disappeared.

Once again I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you. Kind regards.

John D , Smallfield 10/09/08

Thank you Lorraine for all your help with the Reflexology. After 6 years of trying for a baby we had given up hope. I came to you for some treatments, more than anything to have some time out for myself, I was thrilled that after 6 months of reflexology I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful baby. Thanks.

C.S. East Grinstead.21/1/2008

I first visited Lorraine some 5 years ago for massage to help me cope with chronic post stroke pain, which does not respond to conventional painkillers, and to control a lower back weakness. The stroke was as a result of a blood condition for which I have been taking daily chemotherapy tablets for approximately 9 years. I also suffer from trigeminal neuralgia for which I have been taking prescribed medicine for some 7-8 years.

The combination of drugs means that I have problems with nausea and stomach discomfort and about 3 years ago I decided to try lymph drainage – I now visit Lorraine every fortnight for a back massage and lymph drainage. The lymph drainage has been incredibly successful in controlling my nausea and discomfort, and, from the very first visit, I have had very few problems with my lower back. This is in addition to the very real ‘feel good’ factor of the treatments – as I once told Lorraine herself, she has healing hands!

Diana East Grinstead


I would like to say thank you for being my reflexologist you have helped me a great deal at such a stressful time thank you so much. I will recommend you instantly should anybody require Reflexology.

Rachel Cook

By the end of my very first Reflexology appointment with Lorraine I knew that this was something that would benefit me. Lorraine clearly knows her stuff and my confidence in her grows by the session! I receive regular therapy from Lorraine and it has proven to be extremely helpful to me on both a physical and emotional level. I am positive that my health has improved noticeably and more importantly my own feeling of well-being has returned after a stressful start to 2002. I can safely say that what started out to be an occasional ‘treat’ has definitely become quality ‘me’ time that I will continue to indulge in with Lorraine throughout 2003!

Anita Greig

Thank you so much for being able to fit me in for the two recent massage sessions. The last three nights have been totally pain free, the first for over a month – so you can see that I really appreciate your help.  JH East Grinstead

I had been under stress for several months and felt I needed help to unwind. I found the full body massage with essential oils and the healing hands of Lorraine to be the treatment I needed, after which I started on the road to recovery.

J.M J east grinstead

Hi Lorraine, Merry Christmas to you, hope you are keeping busy.

The last time I saw you I was having IUI which failed. We decided to have a break trying for a while as we were moving house etc & amazingly in that time I have fallen pregnant naturally. I am still very early only 6 weeks but am praying all goes well. Hope to see you when I am through my risky period & maybe treat myself to a treatment. Have a good Christmas & thanks for your help, I am sure the reflexology helped clear any blockages & helped me to relax.

Best Wishes

Hope you are well.You asked me ages ago if you could use my words as testimonial for your website, I don’t think I replied but I am happy for you to – I am now 20 weeks everything going well so far. GW Felbridge

Hi Lorraine,

It was lovely to meet you today and to feel so relaxed after you had worked your magic!! Thank you. I don’t know if its a coincidence but I seemed to have a lot of energy this afternoon and evening! The hard place under my chin seems much softer. Hooray!!

J F. Copthorne (after cosmetic surgery)

Dear Lorraine,

I was very pleased with the No Hands Massage today. Really was very good and was definitely as therapeutic as a normal massage. The pain in my back seems to have gone completely.

Thank you

Michael 05/02/2008

I don’t know if you remember me, but you saw me just under a year ago, when I was getting severe back pain, and came to you for reflexology. During our chats, i admitted that my husband and i had been trying for a second baby, and despite conceiving our daughter very quickly, we were struggling to conceive the second. So, during the 2 sessions I had of reflexology with you, you worked on that area of my foot as well.

My reason for emailing you, is to let you know that I am now seven months pregnant, and expecting a little boy in February!!

So, thank you! Oh, and my back is fine as well, thanks. I now have a friend who is struggling to conceive, and have told her my experience with reflexology (she lives too far to come to you, otherwise, obviously, i would have given her your name).

Thank you again, Yours Sincerely,

Claire Rowley

I have Lorraine to thank for the wonderful gift of my son Alexander. I had tried everything to conceive but only Aromatherapy worked. I would definitely recommend Lorraine to anyone trying for a baby .

A big thank you again

Love from Keren Milton

I couldn’t recommend Lorraine more highly, having enjoyed Reflexology and Aromatherapy massage treatments. She is a skilled and caring therapist who begins any initial treatment with a consultation on your general health, which she always updates on subsequent visits. On top of all that she is a lovely, friendly lady -what more could you ask for!

Trish Biggs

I came to you for Reflexology following a recommendation from my doctor who said that I was suffering from IBS which may be stress induced. After several treatments, you told me that you thought I might benefit from seeing a nutritional therapist which I did, with excellent results. However, I found the Reflexology so comforting that I continued with it while still seeing the nutritional therapist.

I was impressed with your professional approach and was entirely confident to place myself in your caring hands.

I would recommend you to anyone and if only I could persuade myself not to work so hard would come back for more treatments.

Jacquie Pinney

I am 88 years old. Three years ago, when in much pain and discomfort for acute osteoarthritis,Lorraine started giving me Reflexology. I cannot speak too highly of the improvement in my condition all due to her great care and expert knowledge. I can now knit again,manage my work both home and garden and do my shopping.Life has a new meaning. If you have a problem, don’t delay,contact Lorraine

Mrs N Bishop, East Grinstead

I have MS and I am wheelchair bound with almost no use of my limbs. I have been receiving

Reflexology from Lorraine Doron for over 5 years now and I have to say that I could not do without it.

Lorraines’ treatments (which I receive every 2 weeks) help me cope with the various pains that the MS and being in a wheelchair bring about. They especially regularly give me relief from pains in my head and legs.

Reflexology also has kept my feet and lower legs in good condition and helps subside swelling in the calves, ankle

and feet. Reflexology is excellent for MS.

Muriel East Grinstead

Many many thanks for the session on Tuesday morning – it relieved enough of the tension and pain in order to make going to France possible on Wednesday!

J H East Grinstead

Dear Lorraine,

I would just like to express my thanks for the 6 reflexology sessions I had recently, which have sorted out

my sinus problem and also helped me to relax and sleep well during a very stressful time. I am looking forward to my next “maintenance” session, and would recommend you without hesitation to friends and colleagues. Lynne Pettifor

en my husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year I started to research ways of boosting my fertility.  After reading a lot of positive comments regarding reflexology and increased fertility I decided to contact Lorraine.  After just 7 sessions I was delighted to discover I was pregnant.  I now have a gorgeous and healthy 7 week old baby boy.Victoria. East Grinstead. 14th April 2009