Reflexology and Massage for Fertility & Pregnancy Support

Sometimes the body needs some relaxation and balancing in order to help conception and maintain a healthy pregnancy.


I support both ladies and gentlemen with fertility issues. You can see some of my happy mothers on my testimonial page and at the bottom of this page.

My first fertility success was over 25 years ago and this was completely a by product of a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage.  K had been trying for several years and had a few unsuccessful IVF cycles. After her first Aromatherapy treatment with me, she fell pregnant. All she needed to do, it seems, was relax and let go. K remained my client till a few years ago when she moved away from the area.

In general though, when somebody asks me to support them when they are trying for a baby, I use Reflexology treatments and the testimonials speak for themselves. There are times when there are complicated circumstances surrounding fertility issues and then extra medical support is needed.


It is important to look after No 1 during your pregnancy and feel relaxed and pampered.

Receiving Massage and Reflexology during pregnancy may help keep back aches, morning sickness, fluid retention etc. at bay.

I am trained in and have been giving pregnancy Massage and Reflexology for 26 years. You can start treatments from the beginning of the pregnancy, depending on your pregnancy history.

It is also safe to receive Indian Head Massage and Facials during pregnancy.

Prices of Fertility and Pregnancy therapies:

Initial Consultation £10

Reflexology 45 minutes £42 1 hour £52.50

Pregnancy Massage 1 hour £52.50

Do not hesitate to call me on 01342 314117 or 07878315901 to discuss any aspect of my therapies for Fertility and Pregnancy.

Victoria Rosslee reviewed Lorraine Doron Aromatherapy & Reflexology5 star,5 July at 10:17 on Facebook

I have been seeing Lorraine for maternity reflexology since week 33 for a number of reasons. Our weekly sessions have eased my backache, hay fever as well as providing much needed relaxation. The last few weeks we worked on turning the baby to avoid c-section due to breech presentation…I went in today prepared for surgery but baby has flipped and I can now look forward to normal labour & delivery. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Lorraine.

I am 39 weeks pregnant and have a misaligned pelvis so have suffered from many aches and pains. I had one session with Lorraine and walked away with absolutely no aches! I wish I had started reflexology sooner as it would have made the pregnancy a lot more comfortable. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Lorraine.

After trying to conceive for a good few months, I finally booked in to see Lorraine…. and after 3 treatments, I was pregnant! I truly believe seeing Lorraine made all the difference, and I’m looking forward to continuing to see her regularly over the coming months. Thank you so so much!!

Lorraine was fab! She made me feel comfortable and welcome straight away.
I went to Lorraine as me and my husband had been trying to conceive for 6 months with no luck. I read online about reflexology and conception and although in the grand scale of things we hadn’t been trying that long the treatment sounded nice so I went for it. Lorraine came up as closest to me and I am glad she did.
I had treatment once a week every week with the time of the month week being the exception. I noticed after 4 weeks my cycle came on time at 28 days, it had been irregular between 30-39 days since coming off contraception. After 6 weeks of treatment I fell pregnant. Unfortunately the pregnancy only lasted 5 weeks. After speaking to my doctor they advised I would be very fertile and there was no need to wait to try again so I went straight back to Lorraine during the first 2 weeks of my next cycle.
I haven’t seen Lorraine since as I fell pregnant again I am now 15 weeks.
I would thoroughly recommend Lorraine to anyone whether you’re trying to conceive or otherwise. I will definitely use her again in the future. Maybe just for some ‘me’ time when the baby is here. I can’t thank Lorraine enough for what she has done for me but most of all for all the little chats we had during treatments that helped me through a difficult time. Katy J, East Grinstead, 10/11/15

Not being a previous believer in Reflexology I rang Lorraine in desperation after trying to fall pregnant for 10 months, before trying more invasive methods of fertility treatment. She was very understanding and came to see me 2 days later. I had 2 sessions that month then finally to my shock I fell pregnant!
Not wanting to jeopardise the baby I was very hesitant to have any further treatment but then started to suffer with severe SPD resulting in chronic pelvic pain from 10 weeks, unable to walk without crutches. Lorraine assured me she could help, which she did, and from then on I had weekly reflexology and back massage throughout my pregnancy. Lorraine made me feel very comfortable and at ease with her extensive experience and caring manner. I have now given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, Wilbur and although my SPD went at delivery, I continue to see  Lorraine for that much needed relaxation and mummy time!
Thank you Lorraine…. Wilbur and I couldn’t have done it without you! Xx Anna S, Turner’s Hill, Sussex 07.10.2014

 I felt very relaxed after your session and it definitely helped ease the pain in my back.

Melanie A. Lingfield, 27/01/2014.  After a reflexology session. 35 weeks pregnant.

When my husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year I started to research ways of boosting my fertility.  After reading a lot of positive comments regarding reflexology and increased fertility I decided to contact Lorraine.  After just 7 sessions I was delighted to discover I was pregnant.  I now have a gorgeous and healthy 7 week old baby boy.

Victoria. East Grinstead. 14th April 2009

Thank you Lorraine for all your help with the Reflexology. After 6 years of trying for a baby we had given up hope. I came to you for some treatments, more than anything to have some time out for myself, I was thrilled that after 6 months of reflexology I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful baby. Thanks. C.S. East Grinstead.21/1/2008