Geranium Essential Oil


Geranium Essential oil and some if its uses

Geranium essential oil vies for 1st place in my therapeutic blends in my aromatherapy practice.

Geranium oil is from the fragrant leaved pelargonium graveolens, has an uplifting floral aroma and the leaves can be used to make a tea infusion.

It is known in the aromatherapy world as “the balancer” as its influence on the emotions seems to be to help restore equilibrium.

Typically I reach for Geranium oil when clients come to me with :

* Exhaustion / adrenal burn out

* Emotional imbalance / upset / feeling down

* Fluid retention

* Dry / ageing skin

Indeed, due to its beneficial effect on maturing skin, it is in all my age defying skin care range including my hand cream, mature skin oil and moisturiser.

It is the heart of many of my blends such as in my relaxation and sensual range.

If you would like to use it at home try 4-6 drops in a full bath, vapourise it in an essential oil burner or add a drop or 2 of it to your moisturiser pot

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