Back pain, Massage and Patience

Sometimes we need to wait a while before the benefits of a massage become fully apparent. If the massage has been deep then you could feel more aches for at least 24 hours after the session.
Karen messaged me on FaceBook this morning. I met Karen several years ago at an Indian Head Massage course and we have kept in contact ever since thanks to FB! Monday week ago Karen came over for the afternoon and I treated her to a back massage. Karen has been in pain for a long time so I am glad I have been able to help towards her recovery.The work I did was quite deep and it took 6 days for it all to settle down completely and then the benefits became apparent:
“Hi Lorraine, I just wanted to let you know that Sunday was a turn around point for the pain in my arm and shoulder. The muscles in the top of my back felt so much looser and I have actually had some sleep and have been able to do some housework!  I visited the osteopath again yesterday and she was also happy as she could actually get to the bits she couldn’t reach last time!I’m hoping this is the end of it all now, I’m not going to push it too far this week, but will carry on gently and hopefully be back to ‘normal’ by next week!  thank you again xx” Karen C,Merstham, Surrey 23/01/13

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