How often should I have treatments?

I am asked this question, naturally, on a very regular basis and there is a standard text book answer that I am reluctant to recite as it really is so individual.


The text book answer is: “ Take a course of 6 treatments to help detoxify your body and restore it to its natural equilibrium and then start spacing out the treatments to once every 2 weeks, then come monthly to maintain the results”.


However it all depends why you have come for your treatment. If it is just purely for a treat then obviously there is no course needed and you will just call me when you feel the need for your next treat and hour or so of relaxation and me-time.


If you have an ongoing problem that you would like treatments for, then we would discuss your individual treatment plan and sometimes initially it might even benefit you to come twice a week for a while.


A course of treatments is always beneficial but sometimes I can help you in just one treatment and the effects last a long time. We are all different and respond differently.


Coming once a month for relaxation and well-being is a great way of preventing stress to build up in your body and then cause problems. After all about 95% of disease is stress related. Wouldn’t it be fantastic that if in a perfect world, we could all be prescribed with weekly or bi-weekly Aromatherapy/Reflexology or any other complementary therapy of our choice to help us remain stress free and then disease free….. I think it might save the NHS and the tax payer a lot of money in the long run!


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