Making St Johns Wort Oil. Part 1

The Flowering Tops of the St John’s Wort oil









Every year I make a small batch of St John’s Wort Infused Oil to use in my practice.

St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) grows wild in the fields at the back of my house. It has also seeded itself and grows in my front and back garden,¬† so I do not have to now guess when it is flowering and time to make the oil.

It is such a cheery plant with it’s lovely yellow flowers.

The leaves and flowers of the St John’s Wort plant contain tiny little glands of red oil and that is the therapeutic oil that we want to capture in the maceration in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you squeeze the plant between your fingers, the red streaks of oil will be visible on your skin.¬† The Olive Oil will become a deep ruby colour after a few weeks of the Hypericum being steeped in it in the sun.

Hypericum and Lavender making a beautiful display right now in my front garden. Healing on my doorstep.











Why use St John’s Wort Oil?

Many of us have heard of St John’s Wort as a natural anti depressant that we can buy at a Health store.

St John’s Wort Oil is a wonderful tonic for all that is associated with the nervous system whether the central or the parasympathetic. It can be a great support topically for nerve pain, lacerated wounds and nervous conditions.

It is quite pungent  & concentrated and I use it at about 20% maximum of the total carrier oil.

How to make your own St Johns Wort Oil

1. When sunny, cut the flowering tops of the St John’s Wort. It’s ok to put in leaves as well as they also contain the magic red oil.

First of all cut the flowering tops of the Hypericum Flowers









2. Prepare a clean jar and place the flowering tops inside quite compactly.

Flowering tops of the Hypericum in a clean jar













3. Pour in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil till it covers all the flowers. Do not fill completely to the top because when warm the oil will expand but do make sure it is all covered properly otherwise the uncovered plant may rot.

Pour in the Olive Oil












4. Put the lid on the jar. I put some extra cling film on but it is not 100% necessary. Now all you have to do is put it in the sun for 2 weeks. Every day give it a gentle shake.

All ready to put in the sun












Here in the UK we are still waiting for the sun to appear this summer so I do hope that my oil works this year but I do have some photos of last years oil to share with you in a few weeks in case.

Watch this space for Making St John’s Wort Oil Part 2 in a few weeks.

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