Alzheimers and Dementia sufferers can benefit from Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Back in November, I was contacted by a daughter asking me to give Aromatherapy foot massages to her mother, aged 73, with Alzheimer’s. The mother (let’s call her Mary) was agitated, distressed and very upset at being in a home and didn’t understand why she had to be there and was weepy. She was beginning to be a little aggressive, just by clasping other’s hands tightly and not letting go.

I started going be monthly, giving her Aromatherapy foot massages and soon the family asked me to visit Mary on a weekly basis. After a few treatments she began to recognise me. A little smile came on her face, but she was still weepy and a little agitated.

Then one week she said that I was a clever girl and touched me on the nose, so trust and progress was being made. I had begun to give more of a Reflexology treatment with Bergamot lotion so that I could work on the appropriate reflexes to help her nervous system, hormones and other useful reflex points to help her anxiety.

Last week , I received an email from her husband saying how relaxed Mary had been both times he had visited her that week and I saw it for myself when I visited her this week. The staff told me that she was relaxed. She was sleepy but she wasn’t weepy, stressed or agitated. just calm and relaxed.

The family has shown their confidence in the treatments by quite unexpectedly paying me upfront for the next 10 sessions. Quite flattering and very welcome in January!

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