Tips for feeling alert and energetic

Well, yes, it has all been said before but there’s no harm in saying it again and reminding ourselves on how to feel good more of the time. How many of these points do you implement regularly in your life?

  1. Drink lots of water.  Read why here.
  1. Sleep well. Read how here.
  1. Eat well. Eat good wholesome food. Once you have started eating your 5 a day and good home cooked food, your body will tell you if you have eaten something that isn’t compatible with you. You will feel a slump and sluggishness. Ever had that feeling?
  1. Be positive. Hey, there’s no point in being negative. It will get you nowhere and will have an immediate affect on your mood and your energy.
  1. Get regular exercise. Especially if you have a desk job. Even a 20 minute walk will help you shake off that lethargy. Yoga or stretching will help expel toxins and release energy.
  1. Get regular complementary treatments such as Lymph Drainage Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Massage. You’d be surprised at how the relaxing and detoxifying effects will help your subsequent energy levels.
  1. Do what you love and love what you do. Pursue your hobbies. Life’s too short to put your passions on standby all the time. Surely we all have lots of energy when we are doing what we love?
  1. Diffuse essential oils such as Lemon, Rosemary and May Chang to help with mental alertness. A study in Japan showed that diffusing Lemon oil helped mental alertness in office workers. Rosemary also is renowned for have this effect too and May Chang is delightfully refreshing and uplifting. All these oils also have great anti- stress effects and may help with anxiety and depression.  Read more here about Lemon oil
  1. Use Essential Oils in the home to help you with your stress levels. The less stressed you feel, the more energetic and alert you will be. Read here about how to use essential oils safely in the home.
  1. Get out into nature frequently. It has a great healing and restorative power and can help us cope with stresses more. Here is an article about how it helps children with their stress levels and concentration. I’m sure the same applies to adults too.
Credits: Photo of Business Man doing Yoga by Ambro





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