Indian Head Massage Course Update and Baby Reflexology

Last week I started an Indian Head Massage course which will run until January and then I will be accredited. Indian Head Massage is  an easy way to receive a head, face, shoulder and neck massage. You remain fully clothed and just sit in a chair and enjoy the massage.

It will be a great extra service to offer and will also be perfect for Pamper Days and Hen Parties.

On Saturday, I went to a 1 day workshop on Baby Reflexology. It really was fascinating to hear how much Reflexology and acupressure on the feet can help babies, mothers and fathers in so many ways.

Babies basic requirements are Love and Respect. Touch is essential for the baby’s development. It helps develop the synapses to the brain and aids the baby’s growth. Babies must have loving touch as much as possible.

Unfortunately many mothers and fathers, for a variety of reasons, do not bond or connect to their babies. Baby reflexology is a very simple basic thing to do. It only takes 5 minutes, maximum 3 times a day. The bond between baby and parent grows and all thrive.

The usual reaction when I say I have been to a baby Reflexology Workshop is: Why do babies need Reflexology?

Just think of some of the common problems babies have: Constipation, wind, colic, asthma, colds…I am sure now you can think of more.

Baby Reflexology can really help with these problems.

Want to know more? Message me or give me a call.

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