Lorraine loves to rant about the need to drink lots of water

Lorraine loves to rant about the need to drink lots of water

I started this blog with the intention of writing my 5 tips for feeling alert and energetic but there is so much to write about drinking water, which is my number one tip for feeling well, that I will concentrate on this alone today.

Why I rant about water: My clients will tell you that I nag them constantly about drinking lots of water and many tell me years later that that was the best bit of advice ever. Our body is mainly make of water and we need it to keep our body functioning at the optimum level. Our nervous, hormonal, immune, circulatory systems and skin depends on us being hydrated.

Paracetamol or water? Next time you are about to reach for the medicine cabinet, think first that maybe you should drink a glass of water instead. Many of our ailments, headaches, aches & pains etc, can be symptomatic of dehydration. Certainly if you are feeling tired or hard to concentrate or feeling sluggish being properly hydrated will help you feel so much better. So instead of reaching for those caffeinated drinks that dehydrate the body (yes, that’s of course coffee, tea, coca cola, red bull) and only give you a temporary kick, drink a glass of lovely pure water. I drink tap water but it’s up to you whether you would like tap, bottled or filtered. And sorry, squash, juices or sugared drinks will not do either. Unsweetened herb teas, or hot water are fine.

Your kids should drink water too!I remember seeing on TV that In one school a study was carried out and the children were asked to replace their normal fizzy and sugared drinks and just drink water in school time. The children found that their mental and physical performance was enhanced. Can anybody remember where that school was? Please let me know.

How much water should you drink? From experience with clients, between 1 ½ to 2 litres day is ample depending on your height and body weight. I have seen through giving Reflexology treatments that you can drink too much water. The kidney reflex on the feet are extremely sensitive when the body is either dehydrated or working too hard to process the amount of fluid going through. In the latter case, once the water intake is reduced to a sensible amount, the kidney reflex usually becomes much less sensitive!

Feel great and look great: Oh, and of course, if you drink lots of water, you might keep your weight in check too and have beautiful skin Those are great added bonuses!

Be sensible: If you have persistent pain or symptoms, of course you should see your GP. Drinking water is only part of a healthy lifestyle: eat well, exercise, have fun and be positive too!

Read this book:
If you would like to read more about how and why water can make you feel better, there’s a fantastic book called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by F. Batmanghelidj. I highly recommend this book.

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