Stress, Deep Relaxation and Aromatherapy

This is an article I wrote around 16 years ago. I have just found it and thought I could share it again.

Stress, Deep Relaxation and Aromatherapy.

Stress is the main cause of of illness. Nevertheless we hear people say that the “thrive” on stress. This is an illusion. A long term overload of stress eventually leads to malfunctioning on a physical, emotional and mental level.

What is Stress?

A stressful situation, anger and anxiety all activate the adrenal glands to release the hormone adrenalin, often referred to as the “fight of flight” response. This puts our physical systems on red alert. It speeds up breathing and heart rate, constricts blood vessels, slows down digestion and kidney activity. Designed for short , sharp periods to protect primitive man from danger, in modern man adrenalin is often in constant production. This puts the heart, lungs, blood vessels, muscles, digestion and urinary system under constant duress or distress.
Negative stress puts the body under such tension as to to impair basic cellular functioning, often manifesting itself in an ailment in a person’s “weak spot”. Stress is like a tourniquet cutting off blood and nerve supply. On a more subtle level, vital energy cannot flow correctly through the channels or meridians.

Most of us hold on to tensions in our body habitually, without being conscious of it. We keep out shoulders raised, our teeth clenched or our hand held in a fist. It is amazing how hard it is to “let go”. But it is just in those places to which we hold on to the most that we will cause disorders. This also holds true for emotional and mental disorders.

Deep Relaxation Restores Balance And Harmony

When we relax deeply we let go right down to our cells and allow our body to flow again, harnessing its natural healing abilities. We release emotional and mental tensions as well. Therefore regular deep relaxation helps promote and maintain physical, emotional and mental health, restoring harmony and balance. Deep relaxation, combined with a healthy lifestyle is a very important factor in all round good health.

What is Deep Relaxation?

Deep relaxation is not the same as sleeping or just resting. In deep relaxation our brain waves slow down to a lower frequency known as Alpha. Every day,” on the go”  brain waves are known as Beta. The more we relax, the deeper we go into the  Alpha state and in this state relaxation and letting go are very significantly deeper than in ordinary rest or sleep.

Yoga, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki,  certain types of music and dance and enjoying nature are some of the excellent ways of entering the Alpha state.

Aromatherapy and Deep Relaxation

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy using therapeutic essential oils extracted from aromatic plants. Essential oils have a multitude of therapeutic properties and many of them have an aroma which for most people have an immediate calming and relaxing effect. Used in the bath, burner or diluted in a carrier oil for massage, these oils are an excellent aid to meditation and will enhance any mode of entering the Alpha state.

Professional Aromatherapy treatments are first and foremost extremely relaxing. They are a wonderful way of letting go of the stresses and strains of life. Aromatherapy treatments combine the luxury of touch, of feeling good, deep relaxation and wonderful aromas (specially chosen for you) with the many benefits of massage. You can relax deeply, enjoy a therapeutic massage whilst undergoing a holistic healing process.

Many ailments such as backaches, various aches and pains, muscular and nervous tension, insomnia, emotional disturbances, headaches, skin complaints, menstrual and digestive disorders and many more can all be helped by Aromatherapy.

A professional Aromatherapist will give you advice on daily deep relaxation at  home in between treatments, suggest appropriate oils to use at home and  give advice on exercise an diet.

Aromatherapy is probably the best complementary therapy for combating stress. Try it and see for yourself.

There is a great range of relaxing oils to choose from and nearly everybody can find one or more suited to his or her personality and personal taste. The essential oils can be combined in synthesis to create a unique personal and relaxing aroma.

There  are scires if essential oils on the market, however I recommend the folowing to induce relaxation and help counteract stress: Bergamot, Geranium , Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Vetivert, Clary Sage, Rose, Neroli and Jasmine.

Why not have a look at my store page at some of the blends I have created: Relaxation, Restful Sleep, Sensual, Uplift. These are available in pure essential oil drop form, as bubble bath/shower gel and as ready to use massage oils. I also sell a wonderful Organic French Lavender. I am in the process of adding a more comprehensive list of essential oils to my site. If you cannot find the oils you want there, please contact me  to discuss availability.

For more information of Aromatherapy treatments and Reflexology treatments, click on the appropriate links.

Please note: Make sure you ask for professional advice or refer to reliable literature when choosing and using essential oils. Ensure that they are of the highest quality. Some oils are unsuitable for the following conditions: High and low blood pressure, Pregnancy, Asthma and Epilepsy.

Using Essential oils and Aromatherapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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